作品|質感翻訳 - 肉 Translation - meat|2015|陶瓷立體作品, 織品

想用陶瓷去表現肉片的質感,製作過程先以相機捕捉現實場景,再用筆將照片中的肉片繪於紙上,接著以織物縫出手繪的線條,用瓷土轉印出布的紋理,經過層層轉換最後做出抽象化的「肉」,塊體的剖面呈現作者所感覺到的,超現實的肉片質感, 此作品將陶瓷作為一種語言,透過多種媒材層層翻譯,最後做出一件想像之外的作品。

肉 → 写真 → 絵 → 織物 → 陶


meat  photography  drawing  weaving  ceramics

It's an experiment to create a new form by ceramics to describe a daily item.
I used several materials before using clay in order to transform the texture, just like translating one language to another, the result must turns out to be a bit different with some new definitions.